Bowling Purpose The purpose of this programming assignment is to help you gain experience using 1D Arrays. Assignment Write a program that simulates and scores a game of bowling. As background information, here is an explanation of terminology and scoring. For this assignment, assume that a game of bowling can contain one or more frames (instead of the standard ten). Instructions
Create a BlueJ project named Outlab5.
Create a class named Driver and copy this code into that class. Do not modify this class at all.
Supply the missing Bowling class such that when the main method of the Driver class is run, this output is produced. Note: match the output format exactly!
Hints and Assumptions
Make sure that you understand the provided Driver class before designing a solution for the Bowling class.
You may assume that the constructor of the Bowling class is called with valid bowling scores and the correct number of frames in the game.
Design first. Translate into a programming language (Java) second.
When the final frame contains a strike or spare, the frame needs to be printed differently. Please study the output transcript above carefully to see how.
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