Who Are You and What Are You Working On for Publication.DOCX

Who Are You and What Are You Working On for Publication


  • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Orienting your research interests with others in your field is the first step to engaging in academic publication. In this discussion posting, generate an overview of your academic persona and research orientation.

Address any issues or areas of inquiry that you are working on in relation to publication (current or future).

In a well-developed post of 250 to 500 words, please describe your own writing process.

Response Guidelines

As you answer these questions, be sure to:

  • Include APA citations as needed when using outside evidence.

  • Post early in the week so that others can respond to your ideas.

  • Respond to at least two peers to give feedback or commentary on the ideas they share.

Remember that this is a collaborative learning experience; we are peers, so responses should be written with respect and honest reflection.
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