The best of the best These settings are one of the best out there, vouched by many famous youtubers and players this program is truly premium quality!

Improves connection a lot, decreasing delay removing all potlag, making your hit detection better by reducing the delay and improves knockback making it more consistant and faster!

All registry keys have been reviewed many times to make sure none of them cause instability on other windows tasks like browsing the internet!

In Minecraft it removes potlag, decreases hit delay so your hits register faster and makes your knockback consistent so you take a lot less then other players! It also removes stuttering and lag spikes!

Why buy it? The real question is why wouldn't you? These settings will help you improve without your connection holding you back! have you noticed that These days every good player has a very good connection? Be one of them!

You don't have rights to break Software piracy :

Softlifting: Borrowing and installing a copy of a software application from a colleague.
Client-server overuse: Installing more copies of the software than you have licenses for.
Hard-disk loading: Installing and selling unauthorized copies of software on refurbished or new computers.
Counterfeiting: Duplicating and selling copyrighted programs.
Online piracy: Typically involves downloading illegal software from peer-to-peer network, Internet auction or blog. (In the past, the only place to download software was from a bulletin board system and these were limited to local areas because of long distance charges while online.)

Free Support! you will recive free support from me, on any Issues you might have with the settings just DM on skype noleunited
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