Teal Mood - Lightroom Preset - Will Lamerton (@willlamerton)

Using the same steps as I take to edit, this preset follows the exact same corrections I make to my photos in the first stage of editing my landscapes.

This preset is designed to add a retro, VSCO like feel to your photos, correcting colours, highlights and shadows before sharpening your image to give it a stunning look that is ready to be fine tuned and further edited.

I absolutely love teal and subtle warm tones in my images mixed together to create a unique and vibrant look - here, you can get that look too!

Thank you to everyone that does purchase, every little bit goes into growing the business so I can continue to create content for you guys - it means a lot for all the support! :)

Message me on Instagram if you pay more than the £1 minimum and I will shout you out!
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