ATM Hollow body & arch top profile pack for the Kemper profiling Amplifier

This pack includes 18 profiles , 3 signature rigs and the 8 direct profiles.

The profiles you'll get out of this pack come from my personal collection and INTENSE tweaking, I always had trouble to get the right tones out of my hollows, this pack is the solution ! As usual I use my thrusty SS11 AMT and my magic JTM30 CAB. Don't get fooled by the fact that I only used an AMT for profiling : this little box will not only cover most classic amps tones but was also the best tool I could find for getting a real amp feel while getting the miking out of the equation. Lots of users from the previous packs reported the real amp feel I'm talking about, not fount on lots of commercial profiles.

The tone ranges from acoustic preamp (no cab) to Izzy Stradlin kind of tone, with all the intermediate tones you can imagine. All these tones will suit clean,pop,country,blues,funk,jazz,jazz-rock,rock'n roll,rock & hard rock...

Cleans & crunches  were particularly crafted to enhance the great harmonic & dynamic range fount on archtop guitars. They will also suit solid bodies quite well: single coiled & P90 , while a bit more generic on HB.

leads are very fun on a hollow, and they should not catch up too much feedback.

To get the most of these pack adjust you input sense to your hollow. (mine was set at -6 for clean sense and 4 Dist sense) I also use the pure cab @ 3.

It is a good idea to UNLOCK all pre & post FX , verbs, delays to get a real idea of the tones & ambiance I crafted.

Most rigs have an EQ and a comp available if you ever need more clarity, less boominess or cut the mix a bit more.

I hope you enjoy these, that was really a silly amount of work ;)

Now let's talk about the rigs themselves, in ascending gain order  :

acoustic 1&2 : preamp style profiles, no cab , really good for strumming & arpeggios, with lots of enhancements available on the fx side (12 strings, widener, adapted chorus...)

clean :     an all around clean, ready to be tweaked with classic FXs

clean.funk : classic dry funk tones, and cool FXs like a dist for leads.

clean.superbrite : this one is very close to a fender champ, a bit dry and lacking of body, but with that typical pleasant jangle, records and stacks very well on mixes.

clean.bright :    a great clean for live or recording , very open & clear  with a great gain course. Lots of FX to suit most situations. :    the one jazz players will love, very warm and extremely sensitive to attack & guitar volume, the kind of rig that let you control your tone just by your attack. It also has a fantastic gain course, so you'll achieve creamy leads very easily. Huge tone arsenal at your disposal ! My personal favorite

crunch : all around classic crunch tone with lots of jangle,like a cranked blonde fender). The harmonizer on stomp A will enhance the jangle to Led Zep territory.

crunch.dirty : dirtier than the previous one, best used on single coils and P90 for maximal jangle. cool gain course

drive.dirty : marshall JTM crunch like with a great guitar volume pot sensitivity. The long delay acts as a shimmer pad tool.

crunch.higain : this one is for crafted for stoner rock, transparent drive for rhythm parts with a muff on stomp C. and a  widener post FX

drive.chordal : similar to the previous one but best used for chords with majestic dirty vibe.

drive :    the classic tube drive cranked amp tone , with all the desired traits we love : warm, sensitive to guitar volume & attack, great gain course ... A great platform for tweaks & pedals that adapts to most guitar, whatever PU you'll use.

lead.dist : classic distorded lead, for all kinds of pickups, wih 4 different dist. stomps for different colors (use 1 at a time).

lead.fuzz :    while it's a bit darker and bodier than the previous, you'll have lots of fuzz pedals at your disposal for stoner rock leads, use one at a time !

drive.chordal.lead : directly tweaked tailored from the rhythm one, it shows how tweakable my profiles are : punchy and tight, while retaining some clarity.

lead.dirty :    the lead tone with my favorite recti shaper stomp, for instant dirty & slightly fuzzy lead that will make your guitar scream.

lead.tight : super tight & punchy tone, both for leads or heavy rhythm parts, with a typical boogie vibe.

Bonus signature tones : these ones were tweaked from the previous ones with one  clear aim : mimic the most desirable rock tones you'll find among semi hollow guitar masters : YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED a semi hollow to get the right tone !!!

crunch.Izzy : the fantastic tone from Izzy Stradlin on AFD album, roll of guitar volume to 3 for rhythm and crank it up to heavy and lead tone. Use one of the 2 available stomps for better mix cutting tones on live or recording.

drive.Malcolm : classic dirty ACDC rhythm tone with a transparent drive and lots of sustain, also sensitive to guit. volume . You'll hear all your strings on this one. 3 dist & drive pedals for leads.

drive.GTgood :    reducing guitar vol. pot is MANDATORY on this one ! For rock'n roll rhythm part à la Georges Thorogood on ES 125. Add the dist pedal or crank guit. volume for leads. Bad to the bone :)

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