BetonQuest Editor

This is the official editor for BetonQuest plugin. It was created to speed up the process of writing quests, which can be tedious and error-prone work when editing files directly in a text editor.


  • Editing all features of a quest package

  • Easy conversation editing

  • Autocomplete suggestions for pointers, events, conditions etc.

  • Cross-package references support

  • Highlighting incorrect objects

  • Saving/loading to/from .zip files and uncompressed directories

  • Package exporting with custom shell script (not included of course)

  • Quick translating of a package to another language(s)


You don't have to install this program. The only thing you need is Java 8 (or newer) installed on your system. If you don't have it (the program doesn't start), you can download it from Java website. To start the editor simply double-click on its icon. This program works on Windows, Mac and Linux, as long as Java 8 is installed.


A detailed manual can be found on the project wiki:

To successfully create quests with this editor you need to know basics of BetonQuest. I highly recommend reading its documentation before, even though it describes editing the files directly. In the future I will probably add built-in tutorials and/or video guides for the editor.

Check out BetonQuestUploader, designed as a bridge between the editor and the plugin. It can allow you to let many users design quests without access to FTP:


BetonQuest Editor is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0. This makes it free as in "free speech". You can buy it to support me or compile it for yourself if you can't spend the money. You are also most welcome to contribute anything - translations, code, CSS styling - as long as you don't mind me making a little money on it.
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