COMM 110 Week 3 Demonstration Presentation

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COMM 110 Week 3 Demonstration Presentation
To allow you to explore the use of visual aids and nonverbal and verbal communication, you will demonstrate a task or explain an event or phenomenon. If you found it helpful last week, you may wish to create an outline to help you prepare for your presentation.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with an accompanying video in which you demonstrate a task or explain a phenomenon or event. You may select from the following list or seek instructor approval for another option.

  • Demonstration

  • Prepare a recipe.

  • Build or assemble an item, such as a piece of furniture or model plane.

  • Create a do-it-yourself project or craft.

  • Explanation

  • A weather event, such a tornado or precipitation

  • The life cycle of a plant, insect, or animal

  • A legal process, such as how to create a law in the United States or checks and balances in the U.S. legal system

Include the following in your presentation

  • A video of yourself explaining the event or demonstrating how to do it with accompanying directions or information and visuals in a slide presentation; it is important to be mindful of your verbal and nonverbal cues throughout your presentation and demonstration.

  • Appropriate and effective visual aids in your slide presentation and accompanying video

Submit your presentation, accompanying video, and self-assessment in YouSeeU.  Once everything is submitted in YouSeeU, paste URL for the video into an MS Word document and submit document to the Assignment section of this exercise.
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