BSCOM 260 Week 4 Document Design

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BSCOM 260 Week 4 Document Design
Imagine you are working for an international corporation and have been tasked with writing a best practices 1- to 2-page flyer for posting in the company's offices around the world. The subject of the document is on the company's recycling policy in the breakrooms.
Incorporate the following information in the flyer:

  • The company wishes to make it clear that all plastic cups in the breakroom should be placed in the provided recycling bin once the employee has finished using them.

Create your flyer as a Microsoft® Word document. You may want to review the flyer templates available in Microsoft® Word for use in this assignment.
Submit the assignment to your instructor and to the class discussion area for feedback and to learn from your peers.
Note. This assignment is designed to introduce you to basic document design that is often required of employees who have no graphic design background or skills. The essential part of the assignment is to ensure the information you write communicates the intended message.
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