Komatsu Crawler Dozers D61EX-23 sn:30001 and up, D61PX-23 sn:30001 and up Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Komatsu Crawler Dozers D61. 
Original factory manuals for Komatsu Loaders, Dozers, Excavators contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, contains Searchable Text and Navigation Bookmarks
Covered models:
    D61EX-23 sn:30001 and up
    D61PX-23 sn:30001 and up
Format: PDF, 1724 Pages
Language: English
    00 Index and foreword .
        Foreword, safety and general information 
        Important safety notice 
        How to read the shop manual
        Explanation of terms for maintenance standard 
        Handling equipment of fuel system devices 
        Handling of intake system parts
        Handling of hydraulic equipment
        Method of disconnecting and connecting of push-pull type coupler 
        Handling of electrical equipment
        How to read electric wire code
        Precautions when performing operation 
        Practical use of KOMTRAX
        Standard tightening torque table
        List of abbreviation 
        Conversion table
    01 Specification.
        Table of contents 
        Specification drawing 
        Weight table 
        Table of fuel, coolant, and lubricants 
    10 Structure and function .
        Table of contents 
        Engine and cooling system
        Engine related parts 
        EGR system piping drawing 
        EGR system circuit diagram
        EGR valve
        EGR cooler
        KCCV layout drawing 
        KCCV ventilator 
        Cooling system 
        Cooling fan motor
        Oil cooler bypass and HST charge safety valve
        Power train
        Power train system
        Hydraulic component layout of HST
        Steering and brake control 
        HST pump
        HST motor
        Charge pump
        Solenoid valve 
        Final drive 
        Undercarriage and frame
        Main frame 
        Track frame and idler cushion 
        Hydraulic system 
        Hydraulic component layout of work equipment 
        Work equipment control system
        Hydraulic tank
        Work equipment and cooling fan pump 
        Control valve 
        Ripper PPC valve
        Quick drop valve 
        Angle control EPC valve 
        Work equipment 
        Piston valve
        Cab and its attachments 
        ROPS cab 
        Cab mount 
        Electrical system 
        Engine control system 
        Cooling system control system
        HST control system 
        Parking brake control system 
        System operating lamp function
        Battery disconnect switch function 
        Machine monitor system
        KOMTRAX system
        System component parts 
    20 Standard value tables
        Table of contents 
        Standard service value table
        Standard value table for engine 
        Standard value table for machine 
        Standard value table for electrical system
    30 Testing and adjusting 
        Table of contents 
        Related information on testing and adjusting 
        Tools for testing and adjusting 
        Sketch of tools for testing and adjusting 
        Engine and cooling system
        Testing engine speed 
        Testing boost pressure 
        Testing exhaust gas color 
        Testing and adjusting valve clearance 
        Testing compression pressure
        Testing blowby pressure 
        Testing engine oil pressure 
        Testing EGR valve and KVGT oil pressures 
        Testing fuel pressure 
        Testing fuel discharge, return and leakage
        Bleeding air from fuel system 
        Testing fuel circuit for leakage 
        Handling cylinder cutout mode operation
        Handling no-injection cranking operation
        Testing of KDPF and muffler stack for looseness and damage 
        Testing of installed condition of cylinder heads and manifolds 
        Testing engine piping for damage and looseness 
        Replacing alternator belt 
        Power train
        Testing and adjusting HST oil pressure
        Testing output pressure of solenoid valve 
        Testing if machine travels straight 
        Simple test procedure for brake performance 
        Adjusting deceleration/brake pedal 
        Adjusting parking brake lever 
        Move disabled machine urgently 
        Undercarriage and frame
        Adjusting idler clearance
        Checking sprocket wear 
        Testing and adjusting track tension 
        Hydraulic system 
        Releasing remaining pressure in work equipment cylinder 
        Testing and adjusting work equipment oil pressure
        Testing source pressure of control circuit
        Testing outlet pressure of work equipment EPC valve and fan EPC valve 
        Isolating the parts causing hydraulic drift in blade and ripper 
        Testing internal oil leakage of work equipment cylinder 
        Testing fan speed
        Testing fan circuit oil pressure 
        Bleeding air from hydraulic circuit 
        Work equipment 
        Adjusting work equipment lock lever 
        Adjusting play of blade center ball
        Electrical system 
        Special functions of machine monitor 
        Adjustment method when HST controller has been replaced 
        Adjustment method when electric or hydraulic device has been replaced 
        Adjusting rearview camera angle
        Handling voltage circuit of engine controller 
        Handling battery disconnect switch
        Testing diodes 
        Pm clinic 
        Pm Clinic service 
        Pm Clinic check sheet 
    40 Troubleshooting
        Table of contents 
        Related information on troubleshooting
        Troubleshooting points 
        Sequence of events in troubleshooting
        Checks before troubleshooting
        Inspection procedure before troubleshooting 
        Preparation for troubleshooting of electrical system
        Classification and procedures for troubleshooting 
        Symptom and troubleshooting numbers 
        Information in troubleshooting table 
        Procedure for troubleshooting wiring harness of pressure sensor system for open circuit
        Connector list and layout 
        Connector contact identification
        T-branch box and T-branch adapter table 
        Fuse location table 
        Precautions for KDPF (KCSF and KDOC) Cleaning and Replacement 
        Preparation of dummy temperature sensor (for KDOC and KDPF temperature sensors)
        Preparation of short circuit electrical connector (for failure codes [CA1883] and [CA3135]) 
        Failure codes table
        Troubleshooting by failure code (Display of code) 
        Troubleshooting of electrical system (E-mode) 
        Troubleshooting of hydraulic and mechanical system (H-mode)
            Information described in troubleshooting table (H-mode) 
            System chart of hydraulic and mechanical systems
            Failure mode and cause table 
        Troubleshooting of engine (S-mode)
            Information described in troubleshooting table (S mode)
    50 Disassembly and assembly .
        Table of contents 
        Related information on disassembly and assembly 
        How to read this manual 
        Coating materials list 
        Special tools list 
        Sketches of special tools 
        Engine and cooling system
        Power train
        Undercarriage and frame
        Separation and connection of track shoe assembly (Standard type track shoe) 
        Separation and connection of track shoe assembly (PLUS type track shoe) 
        Overall disassembly and assembly of track shoe assembly (Standard type track shoe) 
        Overall disassembly and assembly of track shoe assembly (PLUS type track shoe)
        Hydraulic system 
        Work equipment 
        Cab and its attachments 
        Electrical system 
    60 Maintenance standard
        Table of contents 
        Engine and cooling system
        Engine mount 
        Cooling fan motor
        Oil cooler bypass and HST charge safety valve
        Power train
        HST pump
        HST motor
        Charge pump
        Solenoid valve 
        Final drive 
        Full-scale drawing of sprocket tooth profile 
        Undercarriage and frame
        Track frame and idler cushion 
        Track roller 
        Carrier roller 
        Track shoe 
        Hydraulic system 
        Hydraulic tank
        Work equipment and cooling fan pump 
        Control valve 
        Ripper PPC valve
        Quick drop valve 
        Angle control EPC valve 
        Work equipment 
        Cutting edge and end bit
        Lift cylinder 
        Tilt cylinder 
        Angle cylinder 
        Ripper cylinder
        Cab and its attachments 
        Cab mount 
        Electrical system 
        Electric steering lever 
    80 Appendix.
        Table of contents 
        Air conditioner components 
        Precautions for refrigerant
        Air conditioner component 
        Configuration and function of refrigeration cycle
        Outline of refrigeration cycle
        Air conditioner unit 
        Dual pressure switch 
        Pressure switch 
        Receiver drier 
        Procedure for testing and troubleshooting 
        Electrical circuit diagram 
        System diagram
        Parts and connectors layout
        Testing relays 
        Troubleshooting chart 1 
        Troubleshooting chart 2 
        Information described in troubleshooting table 
        A-1 Troubleshooting for condenser fan
        A-2 Troubleshooting for compressor and refrigerant system (Air is not cooled) 
        A-3 Troubleshooting for blower motor system (No air comes out or air flow is
        A-4 Troubleshooting for temperature control 
        Troubleshooting with gauge pressure
        Connection of service tool
        Precautions for disconnecting and connecting hoses and tubes in air conditioner
        Handling of compressor oil
    90 Diagrams and drawings.
        Table of contents 
        Hydraulic circuit diagram 
        Symbols in hydraulic circuit diagram 
        Hydraulic circuit diagram
        Electric circuit diagram 
        Symbols in electric circuit diagram
        Electrical circuit diagram 
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