Georg’s FREE SKETCH BRUSHES for Procreate

Here are two of my favorite sketch brushes for Procreate: The SKETCH BRUSH and the BLANK OUTLINER.

  • Pen pressure controls opacity and size

  • Tilt controls size

  • Speed controls opacity and size

To celebrate the awesome 3.2 update of Procreate I'm giving them away for FREE. If you want to support my work, please consider making a small donation (pay what you want option). Thank you!
If you like the sketch brushes, check out my other brush sets too:

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @georgvw or in the Procreate forum, leave a comment on the brushes and show some of your artwork:;u=41415

I hope you’ll enjoy the sketch brushes and wish you lots of fun with them!

Happy Sketching,
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