HST 206 Week 2 Living in Latin America

HST 206 Week 2 Living in Latin America

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HST 206 Week 2 Living in Latin America

This week is a series of three journal entries about people living in Latin America at the time of the conquest.

Resources: University Library, Internet

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that includes the journal entries of the following three people:




 A European missionary having arrived in the Americas


 A member of the native tribe who is going through evangelization by the arriving Franciscans and Jesuits


 Use one of the native groups used for the Week 1 assignment. Select a native group that is new for the majority of the members.


An African slave living in what is now developing into Latin America for labor in agriculture and mining


Explain how each character’s life is affected by religion, the economy, and societal roles. Include the following:




His or her role in society based on gender.


For males: the effects of honor and patriarchy on their life and family


For females: the roles of curandera, marianismo, and convents as paths to achieving power in a male-dominated society


The role of the character’s ethnicity in determining his or her social class


The changes that came about that created these social classes


The changes that created these societal roles


The effects of each character’s religion on the conquest of Latin America


The role of mercantilism, mining, and other parts of the economy on the conquest of Latin America


Cite a minimum of three research sources other than the course textbook.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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