CIS 410 FINAL EXAM Solution

This is the final exam question.  You have six (6) pages with which to answer this question.  The submitted exam must have a title page with your name on it, be stapled in the top left corner, and should end with your course participation self-evaluation form.  That form is available at the end of the syllabus, or at my web site in the CIS 410 syllabus section.  You must state why you feel you deserve the participation grade you request; be sure to explain how the grade you assess yourself with is consistent with the stated participation criteria on the syllabus.  Failure to give rationale for the grade results in my throwing your form away and using my own judgment.


 The Question:  A CEO returns from a trade meeting excited about a sales force automation demo she has seen. She believes the technology holds the potential for significant re-engineering benefits for her company.  She immediately calls a meeting of her IT and marketing managers to discuss this opportunity.  You are her CTO, so naturally you are in the meeting too.  The CEO wants this technology assimilated into the IT in her company, and charges the group to make it so.  What are the major issues to be faced?  How would you initiate and manage the assimilation?  What are some of the risks to be faced in the assimilation a re-engineering process?  Be sure to address all relevant strategic and behavioral issues; cite the theories as much as possible in the support of your points.
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