Star Trek To Highest & Best Good MP3

Star Trek To Highest & Best Good MP3

10 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download

This Video Is Based On Sound Principals The Art Of Allowing To Manifest Desires At the Quantum Core Level -You Are Already That Which You Are.

No Binaurals Or Isochronic Tones- Headphones Earbuds Are Optional.

Volume Level 20 - 60%
Listen 1-4 Times Day Or Night Results Vary Person To Person.
A Just Listen Audio Video Subliminal.

Subliminal Messages:

I star trek to my highest and best good

By default the art of allowing my good has already come to me

I am already what i see in vision

I place the intent in stillness calmness of spirit of all realities

I have no concerns no worries i don't need signs i'm not anxious i fret not

I do not discuss my secret ambitions with other people

My desires take root and grow into manifestation

I feel what i wanted to be

I am what i wanted to be

I assume what i wanted to be

I walk in the assumption i am

I do not brag i tell no one

I am intentive to my desires

I get rid of predjudice and superstitions

I walk as if i were

I know what i want

I see the fulfillment of my desires

I am thankful this is wonderful

I am awake to life
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