The First Light Weight Media kit for Action Film Production.
With ACTIONPACK you just need your imagination and your editing software of choice.

Discover and UTILIZE a complete set of digital assets geared towards production and post production of short action films. Including over 75+ professionally made audio and video blocks. ACTIONPACK is the media kit of choice for modern filmmakers and multimedia producers. Rapidly create quality action films without the headaches of finding sponsors and budgets. Become a master of action without the astronomical fees of film schools and stock footage libraries. Put together your short (or long) action film in matters of hours. No crews, no guesswork, no lighting and no expensive software.

  • 75+ deluxe digital assets for video production

  • Turn your amateur films into Hollywood looking movies

  • Save thousands of dollars in production costs

  • Assemble your films like playing with LEGO

  • Build your stories using story templates

  • Impress your sponsors, pitch new investors and producers

  • Use ACTIONPACK on any video editing software

  • Forever yours - HD Quality

  • Professionally made and professionally put together


What is a Media Kit for Film Production?

A digital Media Kit (DMK) for film production is a collection of assets that can be used in different layers of your composition.

How was Video Production possible before Media kits?

It was very expensive. Not longer than a decade ago, producing action films was an expensive task almost impossible for an individual. You would need a crew, equipment, lights, makeup, actors and more. All this hassle is gone with ActionPack Media Kit 

Professional Video Footage for your Action Film Project
55+ Video Files 

  • airplanes

  • ambulances

  • military

  • helicopters

  • bombardments

  • cameras

  • cops chases

  • glass break

  • explosions

  • futuristic interfaces

  • glorious city escapes

  • drone footage

  • traffic and cars

  • people

Sounds for your Action Film Project 
15+ Audio Files

  • laser guns

  • explosions

  • creatures

  • ambiance

  • screams

  • grenades

  • shotguns

  • glass break

You will get a Zipped Folder (700Mb)
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