The Total Package

Great value! Get the whole lineup:

  • Manager Dugout Cards (in letter and legal sizes)

  • Pitcher Workload Chart

  • Basic & Advanced Game Charts

  • UCLA Chart

  • Pitcher Velocity Chart

  • Defense Chart

  • Pitcher Spray Chart

  • Pitcher Location Chart

  • Basic & Advanced Scouting Reports

Manager Dugout Card (available in letter and legal sizes)– Great way to keep track of game. Has slots for all nine hitters and pitchers, room to score the game, comments on each player and game comments.

Pitcher Workload Chart– Weekly chart has room for 15 pitchers. Use it to manage what each individual is doing on a daily basis with throwing program, bullpens, in-game pitch count, strength and conditioning. Has room under each day (week runs Monday-Sunday) to insert date.

Basic Game Chart– Good way to keep track of pitch count and how you are pitching each of the opposing hitters. Has room up top for name, date and opponent and six plate appearances for each batter.

Advanced Game Chart– Keep a running count of first pitch strikes, 2 (strikes) out of 3 (first pitches of AB) counts, 3 & outs (at-bat is completed in three pitches or less), total batters faced, fastball strikes, fastball balls and total pitches. Room on bottom for times to the plate and totals for each pitcher and/or team and number of visits taken.

UCLA chart– Four per page. Use it to see if your pitchers are falling into rhythms with runners on base. Make tally marks for any pickoff attempts or pitches thrown using the U-C-L-A (one second for each letter) timing method. Has separate sections for runners on first and runners on second and room below for times to plate and additional notes.

Pitcher Velocity Chart- track your pitcher's velocity, along with balls and strikes, for up to 120 pitches

Defense Chart– Great way to chart how well your defenders are treating practice repetitions. Ground ball, put out, catcher block and stolen base chances and catcher passed balls.

Pitcher Spray Chart– Can chart six pitchers on one page. Great way to keep track of pitch location, room for name, date and notes in each section.

Pitcher Location Chart– Pitch by pitch grids where you can chart location of each pitch. Includes nine sections of strike zone. You can tally fastball, breaking ball, change up strikes and balls to see how efficient your pitchers are in the practice setting. Has room up top for name, date, time on field, time that they begin to play catch, time the catcher gets in his stance, time of first pitch and time of completion. This helps to make sure you have enough time for bullpens moving forward and gives you a feel for any differences in time that it takes for your pitchers to be ready.

Basic Scouting Report– Room for notes on opposing hitters, pitching and defense. Can also make team notes and individual statistics and observations.

Advanced Scouting Report– Record team offense (first pitch approach, two-strike approach, base running aggressiveness, 1st and 3rd situations, situational bunts, hit and run, stolen base and squeeze attempts), individual offense (name, number, bat, position, class, approach, skills, notes, basic stats and where to play), team pitching and defense (first pitch and two-strike tendencies, what opponents do with runners on base, 1st and 3rd situations, special plays and pickoffs, catcher arms, infield defense and outfield arms) and individual pitchers (number, name, throws, class, statistics, time to plate, velocities and notes).
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