PDF file that you can download to any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that can display PDF files. This book covers issues From May 1995 thru October 1996. These are full HD scans of the original magazines. See and read about great cover dogs and dogmen like Norman Hooten, Loctites Champion Caveman, Millbuster’s Grand Champion Cannibal Candy, Robert “The Millmaker” Lemm, Roberto & Finklewinkle Champion Ginger, True Blood Grand Champion PW, Lou Colby and Colby’s Chester, Slingshot Kennel and Hoosier Connection’s Grand Champion Shotsie, Clemmon’s Brendy, Walling’s Bullyson, Clayton’s Eli Jr., Grand Champion Banjo and Grand Champion BB. These are just the cover dogs all with original content stories inside those issues. Below is a summary list of the material inside Volume 4 : May June 1995 Front cover is Norman Hooten’s open letter of honor to the core. It was a one of a kind moment in the dog game. Times Square What’s Up – This series of articles known as “What’s Up” was unique to AGDT just as the unedited letters and stories were to publishing. “What’s Up” talked about the dogs in a straight up hardcore manner giving thumbs up and thumbs down to breeders, dogs and other events surrounding the APBT. AGDT Allstars Subscriber’s Forum Pictures Quinn, Pablo,Radar and Champion Rosie by Jesse’ Grand Champion Midnight AAA Gamedog Report Pictures Desert Rat’s Leroy Grand Ch Shady Lady, Lexus Coupe, Stout’s Cooley, T Ratliff, James Crenshaw and Rolling Thunders Penny Ode To Timex Story Wilson’s Champion Digger Story Talking With Harold Sorrells Good Advice From Reid Bloodliner’s Grand Champion Badger Follow The Leader – The best gets better. By Animal Performance Research Labs July – August 1995 Loc-Tite’s Champion Caveman on the front cover and feature story The Times Square What’s Up Feature story Loc Tites Ch Caveman July – August 1994 Loc-Tite’s Champion Caveman on the front cover and feature story The Times Square What’s Up Vet Tech – Feed What’s Up AAA Gamedog Report Photos of Champion Bumper- Champion Jughead-Grand Champion Count Pierre Show card and report from Gaboon Trahan Many Cool Ads AAA Gamedog Report Picture : Freddy Bowling and Champion Terry, Bart S , Murphess Casper and Gambler Miss Ann Subcriber’s Forum Full page photo of Hooten’s Champion Butcher Boy Cornpone’s Grand Champion Bear – Story –Grand Champion Sandman-3-D’s Sparky-3D Kennel’s Champion Sproket-Trail Driver’s Grand Champion Daisy Mae with photos Vet Tech September-October 1995 Millbuster’s Grand Champion Cannibal Candy – front cover and feature story Times Square Photo spread from Pig Pickin 1995 including photos of Hooten and Pratt. Hooten receiving multiple awards Classic Show News Jimmy Boots vs Benny Bob and a great photo of Sans Puer Grand Champion Pepper What’s Up AAA Gamedog Report Subscriber’s Forum Let The Seller Beware My Favorite Style By Bob Stevens Pictures Crenshaw’s Rascal, Wardt’s Champion Baby, TDK’s Ch Dirty Betty A Good Keep Photo of BW’s Champion Spice November-December 1995 Front Cover Robert “The Millmaker” Lemm and one of his world famous Lemm Mills Feature story by Lemm The Feed Keep Times Square Grand Champion Joe Subscriber’s Forum Vet Tech Photos- Bob Stevens Frank Rocca Pete Sparks George Long Feature story Ringo’s Champion Skateboard with photos Pictures Ch Jeep, Ch Roscoe< Garner’s Pilot, Mayfield’s Braskin AAA Gamedog Report What’s Up Lots of great ads from Hooten, Mayfield, Hall, Boudreaux and many more January –Febuary 1996 Front cover Finklewinkle’s Champion Ginger and True Blood’s Grand Champion PW along with feature stories on both Times Square Picture of Fat Bill with Champion ChiChi What a Crock by Robert Lemm Photo of Clayon Boudreaux ( Floyd’s Dad ) with Gaboon Trahan and Black Widow Photos of Wade’s Renny – Wade’s Tate – BBB Gr Ch Spikey – Chicago Bulldog’s Champion Hacksaw AAA GameDog Report Subscriber’s Forum Photos Ram’s Ch Flash – Atlas Brewer with Wood’s Snooty – FWK’s Dolly Subscriber’s Forum Vet Tech : Breeding Older Dogs What’s Up March April 1996 Front Cover Louis B Colby and Colby’s Chester Story on Lou and his 75th birthday Times Square Subscriber’s Forum Grand Champion Weehunt by Irish Jerry Letter and pitcard signed by Lou included as bonus pages Story- Champion Spice Story- Joe T ‘s Ch Switchblade Story- Boyles Champion Bolt Action Bob Wallace Feature story by Gene Thurmond Story-Millbuster’s Champion Homie How it Looks To Me By Howard Heinzel Vet Tech May June 1996 Front cover SlingShot and Hoosier’s Grand Champion Shotsie and feature story The Times Square Photos: Ostevens and Hedi, Hoosier’s Fast Eddie, Thurmond’s Cracker Jack, Champion Gator, Pat Patrick and Dimitri with Rick Rude, Hollingsworth Velvet Subscriber’s Forum Photo of Rebel’s Champion Turtle Feature story and photo of Garrett’s Shorty The Man In The Glass Vet Tech – managing an epileptic seizure Photos of Double Grand Champion Tornado and Bakari’s Champion Tyrone More On Maximum Stress by Robert Lemm Old Wives Tales By Reid Flemming Story and photo on Bulldog heavens Champion Cannonball Red What’s Up July August 1996 Front cover Clemmons Brendy, Wallings’ Bullyson and Clayton’s Eli Jr including feature story on Jerry Clemmons Times Square Subscriber’s Forum What’s Up Hello Yankee By Don Mayfield Anonymous – Great story Vet tech skin problems and allergy treatment Story- VC Kennels Champion Chance Story- Winchester’s Champion Barney Story- Yankee Boy’s Ch Blondie Story- Gatorboy’s Champion Mickey The Outer Limits By Bob Fritz – Top Notch Conditioning Information September October 1996 Front Cover and Feature stories on Grand Champions BB Red and Banjo Times Square Samart’s Ch Malcolm X Subscriber’s Forum Photo Sho and Go Warez Photo Bobby Hall with Evander Hollifield and Vernon Forrest What’s Up Anonymous II Story of Gatoree Centerfold Norman Hooten and Champion Butcher Boy Misleading by Don Mayfield Dear King of The Mountain by Robert Lemm The next issue should be December 1996, but wanting to keep in the theme of Hooten, Colby and Clemmons in vol 4 I jumped to Jan 1996 issue. We can only bind and ship about 450 pages and I couldn’t include both issues. December 1996 will appear in vol 5 January – Feb 1997 Front Cover Norman Hooten with feature 9 page interview with Norman Hooten Times Square Story Grand Champion king Arthur Top 10 Best Bulldogs I have Seen The Top 10 best Bulldogs I have seen Subscriber’s Forum Lesson learned by Our Style Part 2 of Sociology by Don Mayfield Vet Tech On Mange What’s Up? Carbs and Dogs and Getting It Right By Bob Fritz
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