HCS335 Administrative Ethics Paper

A current administrative issue is the breach notification obligation that was newly recognized as part of the innovative Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) set of laws, and it contains punishments for non-cooperation (Cole, 2009). This affects all covered entities that access protected health information, even if they do not enthusiastically chase, or are not qualified for, stimulus support. Protected health data is relevant to any component of an individual’s medical record, as well as payment records for any medical services that can be linked to that person. As a component of the breach notification condition, protected entities and company associates must reveal any violations of unsecured private health information. The regulation establishes innovative rights for patients regarding right of entry to and use of their health information. It gives patients the privilege to observe and make duplicates their medical records, demand that their medical records be adjusted, and obtain a history of authorized disclosures of their records.
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