Santa Kneeling By Jesus at the Manger

This file contains Mashamalama exclusive custom made art. A couple weeks ago, our youngest son told me that he saw a picture of Santa kneeling by Jesus at the manger...and asked me if I could make him something like that. I searched and searched online...but could find nothing that would even come close to I've spent a good deal of time creating this from scratch He loves it and I wanted to share it with you all as well! The file will be super easy for anyone to cut...even beginners...because there is no layering involved...however, it is a very detailed piece, so weeding might take a little more patience than most of my other files. This file folder contains SVG, JPG, DXF, and PNG formats. I have also included a FREE Studio 3 format. This is pictured on shirts, but would look AMAZING on glass blocks as well. <3 This is a great way to reintroduce Jesus back into Christmas for our customers...and remind them of the true reason for the season!! <3
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