MBL 400 Week 2 Learning Team: Shopping App Development

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 MBL 400 Week 2 Learning Team: Shopping App Development

Begin working on Part I of the Shopping App Development assignment due in Week Five.

Part I: Selection of Mobile Platforms

Select a retail organization with which your team is familiar to use for this assignment. It can be an existing retailer, or your team could decide to be entrepreneurial and start your own online store. This e-retailer wishes to create a website and one or more apps for selling one or more products to the general public.

Review the three mobile platforms, Android™, iOS®, and Windows® Phone; in terms of programming languages required, hardware and software needed for development, costs of these resources, as well as any issues you might need to overcome based on your investigation, and user interface design considerations.

Create a 1- to 2-page memo to senior management that includes recommendations for the following information:




A description of each mobile framework you have selected for development.


Your recommendation for each platform


Explain the rationale for your recommendation. Include advantages and drawbacks.


Include preliminary cost considerations in terms of hardware, software, and other resources.


Include issues or difficulties that can be expected.


Explain user interface considerations.


Format your memo according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab above.

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