Peppermint Dancer Art - PSP TUBE


ALL Artwork, when used online, for any purpose, MUST be credited as follows:


For facebook timeline covers, you may use only the copyright, and not the website URL.

You may use my art:

As a display picure, profile art, facebook timeline cover, your profile picture on another website, your desktop or phone background, etc. You can even nake Facebook Timeline Covers using my artwork for yourself and other people, as long as there is no profit of any kind involved.

Colorize the art purchased, alter or even animate it.
(within reason, do not change it so far that it is completely
unrecognizable from the original artwork)

You may NOT use my art:

As a texture on any 3D products.
You may not resell or redistribute my art in any way.
You may not claim yourself as the artist on my artwork, or add an additional copyrights to the image, even if you alter it. You agree upon use of my artwork to follow these terms of use completely.

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