Business English Training for ESL/EFL: How to Impress your Boss

Disclaimer: In order to view this PPT lesson properly, download these fonts at!business-english-training/oqrhy 

What key skills do you need to advance in your career? If you were to give yourself a performance review, how would you score? How can you impress your boss and help your company become more successful?These are some of the questions this Business English lesson on “How to impress your boss” will be tackling. You will learn basic key skills you need in order to become more successful, learn how to best give advice and finding solutions using modal verbs and learn to become more reflective regarding your own performance.
This Business English ESL lesson contains 17 slides/pages and is good for intermediate ESL/EFL Business English learners for around 1 hour teaching time. It contains vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, reading comprehension, listening comprehension (audio text is in the hand-out to be read), grammar, a performance review at the end of the lesson, homework and much more. Hand-outs are included as well as notes for the trainer.
The zip-file includes 1 PPT, 1 PDF with (partial) answer key and 1 PDF without answer key.

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