Natalie's Barbershop Face Shave and a Haircut - Digital Video Download VOD

Watch as Natalie in pearls, fur, and in a long flowing dress, sits herself down into the vintage barber chair at an old-fashioned barbershop, and tells the barber that she "wants it short, as short as he wants to go." Eager to please his customer, he takes her coat, and then wraps a pinstriped cape around her, before wrapping a neck strip around her neck. He pins up her long curly hair, taking stock of the best way to cut it. Using the clippers, scissor, and thinning sheers, the barber in a white barber's jacket, skillfully shears off her locks into an adorable pixie haircut. The barber uses the duster several times to brush off all the hairs that have fallen onto her face. He also brushes off her nape and shoulders. Just as Natalie is about to leave, the barber calls her back. He forgot something. As she sits there wondering what it could be, a pie tin of hot foamy lather is shoved into her face. The chair back falls backwards with her, as the barber begins working with the straight-edge razor to shave her face smooth. Hot towels are also used to make sure she gets as clean as shave as possible. Natalie enjoys her haircut and face shaving -- notice all her beautiful smiles.

screen size: 720 x 480, duration approx. 45 minutes
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