Covert Encounters In Washington, D.C.

Authored by Robert M Stanley

Few people know that Washington, D.C., has more documented UFO sightings and alien encounters per square mile than any other location on Earth. But thanks to the efforts of investigative journalist Robert M. Stanley people are starting to ask questions such as: Why are UFOs routinely coming to Washington, D.C., and why is there such a vast cover up of this important subject?

This book contains the most thoroughly-documented history of DC UFO encounters ever written. This is Robert's second book on this sensitive subject. It required six years of research and analysis to complete, and it contains over 400 pages of mind-boggling information with more than 900 reports that clearly show an unprecedented increased in DC UFO activity from the years 2000 to 2010.

Explore the astonishing facts for yourself as Robert takes you on a historic journey beyond your wildest imagination to a shocking conclusion!
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