IT237 Wk 2 IT237 Project Proposal


The site that I will be creating will be titled The site will contain information about a football program in my local area that allows under privileged children to have the opportunity to play tackle football no matter what their parents’ financial situation. There will be items for purchase that will be categorized as follows: T-shirts, hats, shorts, car decals and bumper stickers, flags, blankets, horns, and game music CD’s. Customer service info will also be added: this will be info about the organization, contact, frequently asked questions, shipping policies, return policies, terms of use of the website, as well as a page where donations can be made to help other children have the opportunity to play and purchase new equipment when needed by the organization. There will also be a shopping cart, site map, and search option. A photo album will also be added of previous games during the season. Volunteer schedules will be added for all age divisions so that people can volunteer online to assist with the organization
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