IMPULSE_SELECTOR.amxd is a simple midi effect made to select one only note to be send to midi instrument. It has been thought to work with the Impulse Instrument, but not only. Impulse is great because there are only 8 slots to build minimal sampler with quick access. But 8 isn’t always enough when you need larger collection. Here comes the Drum Rack. The trick is to create many Impulse instruments (ex : one for 1-to-8 kick sounds, another for 1-to-8 snares, etc…) and put them into individual Drum Rack Slots. Placing the device in slots before each Impulse will allow you to quick select between the 8 Impulse sounds without using the boring default midi routing.

Compatibility :
Live 9.0.2 +
Max 6.1.2 +

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