Build your own Gas Turbine Engine

This download contains complete plans, build instructions, and CAD drawings ready for CNC to build this RC Jet Turbine Engine. This turbine will produce 28 Lbs of thrust. The parts can be fabricated from the CAD drawings at any CNC shop. SPECIFICATIONS Diameter 111 mm/4.37" Length 240 mm/9.44" Weight 930 g/32.8 oz Max Thrust 28LBS Max RPM 110.000 Pressure ratio 2,2 Mass Flow 0,22 kg/s Exhaust Temp 570° C Fuel Consumption 250 ml/min/8.45 oz/min Oil Consumption 5 ml/min/.169 oz/min Min Continuous Thrust 7 N bei 35.000 Fuel Oil Mixing Proportion 95/5 Oil Aeroshell 500The plans are in 2D AutoCAD and 3D CatiaV5-R7. Both are industry standards, and can be taken to any CNC shop and the CNC program generated from these drawings and the parts made. These plans contain 39 AutoCAD drawings and 47 3D SOLID MODEL drawings. Not AutoCAD 3D line drawings like other plans being sold.  All drawings and solid models are in English. Included: 1. Complete set of 39 Working Drawings in AutoCAD 2. Complete set of 47 Working Drawings in Catia 3D 3. Complete set of 37 Working Drawings in Adobe PDF 4. Illustrated Assembly instructions 5. Illustrated Parts List 6. Materials List 7. Links for Parts 8. Links for Cad Software 9. AutoCAD Viewer 10. CatiaV5-R7 Viewer 11. Adobe PDF Reader Step by Step Instructions on every Stage of Assembly, Balance, and Start Up. This is a fun and easy project to build. The price of these engines form the manufactures is OUTRAGEOUS, so build it yourself and SAVE.
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