Bullet Impact Sounds

Bullet Impact Sounds contains 153 bullet sound effects (23 bullet flybys and 130 bullet impacts). Bullet impacts cover 16 different surfaces. Body Flesh, Body Thump, Concrete/Brick, Dirt, Grass, Rock, Gravel, Glass, Metal Light, Metal Heavy, Wood Light, Wood Heavy, Water, Mud, Snow and Ice. Each surface has 8-9 sound variations.

Audio preview: https://soundcloud.com/gamemasteraudio/gamemaster-audio-bullet-impact-sounds-preview

View full sound list here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5dvEuuBmNhIOXRqeHNSMDMzQlE/view?usp=sharing)

This pack also includes a variety of 150 bonus sounds effects from our full library Pro Sound Collection (https://sellfy.com/p/jxCB) featuring over 3400 sound effects. Follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates. Email us at [email protected] to ask questions, make suggestions and give feedback.

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