Shiny Legendary Pokemon Duo (Any Duo Of Your Choice)

You can create your own list of 2 legendary Pokemon you want or look at the options below! ⬇️

Psychic Duo: Mewtwo, Mew ($6.50 If you want Mega Mewtwo, X or Y)

Tower Duo: Lugia, Ho-Oh

Eon Duo: Latios, Latias ($6.50 If you want Mega Latios & Latias)

Lunar Duo: Darkrai, Cresselia

Sea Guardians Duo: Manaphy, Phione

Cosmic Duo: Solgaleo, Lunala ($8 For Cosmog and Cosmoem aswell)

ADD OUR 3DS FRIEND TO RECIEVE YOUR POKEMON! (Get it when you purchase)

Shiny Duo Legendary Pokemon will be any of your choice once purchased.

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