Freelance Videographer Contract Template

Freelance Videographer Contract Template

Together with our friends from TheContractGuys we bring you a series of attorney-drafted contract templates for creative freelancers!

Here’s a taste of what you get with Freelance Videographer Contract Template:

  • Scope of Work Defined - We include all details of your work to be performed for your client. Protect yourself from the he said/she said mentality of what you were supposed to film.

  • Cost of Raw Footage Storage & Transfer - Get paid for the storage fees and cost of transfer for your client’s raw footage. Items that are easily not considered when you don’t have a contract.

  • Rights to Material - It’s important to define who owns what. We include the specifics here of final edited product, pre-production work, post-production “as-is” material.

  • Format/Medium/Work-Tasks - It’s important that you determine for the client what format your filming will be in; 720 HD/SD, what type of device it will display on. The medium in which it will be delivered; DVD, HD DVD, Digital. And work/tasks; scouting of location, what specific shots to take during filming, editing or color correction. This way they’ll be no disputes later about what was agreed upon.

...And much more. We basically cover everything you need in your work as a Freelance Videographer.

Save yourself thousands in legal fees and buy our Freelance Videographer Contract Template now!
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