ECON545 Week-3 Discussion 1

I feel terribly sorry for the workers of APM in the tutorial "the private sector". It hurts to know that an employee can do every can do everything correct job wise, become cognitive of repeat customers, and be on time for work most if not everyday only to lose their job because of an acquisition. I feel GMA was acting in a cutthroat manner. The money raised from capital bonds could have been used to buy better equipment instead of acquiring APM's equipment and eliminating its workforce yet retaining its customer base. Then there are the shareholders that have been waiting forever to get paid by GMA as the company gets bigger, stock price rise, better equipment was purchased however no dividends are issued. If GMA get bought out by another company then the same thing that happen to APM will happen to them. In short, no job security and money truly is only made in the sell of shares at a higher offering than purchased.

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