Week 5 Assignment 3.2 Persausive Message

June 15, 2013


Mr. James Marshal

458 East Southern Road

Dallas, Texas 75214


Dear Mr. Marshall


Do you want to lower expenses and still receive high quality customer service? How does increasing revenue and gain market exposure sound to you? Janet’s Graphic Designs is able to develop effective marketing tools, increase company awareness, and provide training and development workshops to increase employee and client satisfaction. This is a great way to re-establish your organization vision and appearance.


Janet’s Graphic Designs would like to offer your organization, students and parents the opportunity to leave a lasting impression with custom quality products from our company.  It is important to realize that a good visual presence within the community begins with a unique experience fresh, simple and long-lasting. We offer the most simple and powerful customization process in the Dallas area. You can turn your personalized announcements into your own work of art. This allows you to tailor your graphics to any special occasion you can imagine. We offer the following customize services:


v  Wedding and Graduation Invitations

v  Special Event Flyers

v  Document Creation

v  Training Material

v  On-the-job Manuals

v  Bookmarks and Calendars

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