ENGAGE LUT PACK + Cinema Crop Lines

By Sheldon Evans
This is a new LUT PACK that I'm releasing to everyone for free! You can use them on all your projects and take your video footage to the next level!

Use these 3 LUTs to get a similar look to your favourite blockbuster films and other popular creators in FCPX, Premiere Pro, or any other video editing program that accept LUTs.

Check my YouTube Channel to see how they are applied. Can be used in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Final Cut Pro X using a LUT loader.   Watch more on YouTube - https://goo.gl/m1QYW7

INCLUDED in the .ZIP file:

  • SE-PunchUp.cube

  • SE-OldieButAGoodie.cube

  • SE-Blockbuster.cube

  • Cinema 2-35-1 Croplines.png

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