NUR-504-O501 Week 8 Critique of Research Studies -- Part 3

NUR-504 Week 8 Critique of Research Studies -- Part 3
Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization – Overview of Mixed Method Research Studies
Grand Canyon University

Complete a critique of the quantitative and qualitative articles that were submitted in Topic 3.
This assignment will be completed in three parts. Refer to the information below as a guide to the information that should be included in each part.
Follow the guidelines for the quantitative and qualitative article critiques in Chapter 5, Box 5.2, pages 112-114 and Box 5.3, pages 115-117 of the textbook or the Research Critique Additional Template Resource.
1) Utilize a central heading to indicate that what follows is the critique of the articles.
2) The side headings of the critique for each article should follow the headings in Box 5.2 and 5.3.
3) Note that within these BASIC guidelines, there are additional references to Detailed Critiquing Guidelines found in various boxes in chapters focused on the various elements of a research study report. Use these to expand the research study and to learn specific terminology appropriate to the critique of research.
When turning in the final submission, please put in the following order: Quantitative Article Critique, Qualitative Article Critique, References (should include the two articles, the text, and any other additional sources).
For Part 3 of the critique, focus only on the following segments for each article:
Quantitative                                              Qualitative
• Results                                                    • Results
o Data analysis                                          o Data analysis
o Findings
o Reliability and Validity                              o Findings
• Discussion                                                o Theoretical integrations
o Interpretation of findings                            • Discussion
o Implications/recommendations                  o Interpretation of the findings
• Global Issues                                               o Implications/recommendations
o Presentation                                                   • Global Issues
o Researcher credibility                                    o Presentation
o Summary assessment                                   o Researcher credibility
o Summary assessment
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