Withering Storms: Tears from a Black Family’s Burden

Dr. Oliver Graham narrates Withering Storms: Tears from a Black Family’s Burden, a harrowing family saga of an African-American family’s life shaped by racism in the Jim Crow South. Upon his return to Georgia in 1945 after being away for nearly twenty years, Dr. Graham attends his grandmother’s funeral and is suddenly plunged into a journey of self-reflection and unveils his and his family’s painful roots. He embraces the painful realities that caused animosity within their family and his abandonment of Georgia’s farm life for New York.

The narrator introduces readers to many eccentric characters, earth shattering secrets, and depicts the wrath of his grandmother, ‘Grandma Geraldine Williams’. This saga is unique and revealing for those who want to gain an understanding of the generational suffering of a black family that handled rape, endured slavery, neglect, and the consequences associated with upward social and financial mobility while struggling to maintain family bonds.