| Cobalt 2 Lightroom | $5

Free Demo link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3l24u36ocr5hiln/cobalt%202%20-%20demo.lib4d

Demo license: democ

Demo includes: Realistic Morning, MmAtR, and Kixed presets.

Cobalt 2 is the more refined lightroom you will find, easy to use.

This lightroom includes 17 presets:
-Realistic Morning
-Realistic Afternoon
-Realistic Sunset
-Realistic Night

Extras include:
-Area Fog (+ customization)
-Ground Fog (+ customization)
-Toggable Lens reflex
-Custom Sky
-Custom Lens Flare
-Custom Lighting
-Advanced settings

**Requires R14 or above
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