How to Make $80K a Year doing Freelance Videography

Learn how it's possible to make $80K a year as a Freelance Videographer. I have been doing Freelance work for the last 5 years and have faced and over came some of the most difficult challenges that come with this profession. I have took it upon my self to put all the knowledge i've attained over the years into an Digital Class which could cut down on the learning curve and help launch you into reaching your finanicial goals.
This class will cover the following. 

  • Where to find freelance work

  • Building a portfolio 

  • How to get and keep clients  

  • Creating Digital Products 

  • Social Media Branding 

  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate 

                         AND MANY MORE

Looking forward to seeing you Jan 18th Mark the Date!

Best Regards, 
Tyler B.
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