VIDEO - Blue


Mariia is a very young and elegant lady with super magnificent thigh length blonde hair, which will soon be knee length hair. 
She is a true long hair lover and long hair enthusiast, and she will grow her hair even longer.
She loves the fact that very long hair is very rare and beautiful, and that people love to stare at her, watching the amazing moves from her hair, swinging from side to side.
You can really see that she enjoys having such hair, as by watching the way she is playing with it, and showing it off to you.

The video "Red" is a very good video that many customers liked, so this is another video with the same "design" but with the opposite color.
She is outside, and oh boy, she is very easy to see! All attention is getting drawed to her.
She starts off the video by walking from front to back several times, displaying her hair, making perfect long hair poses.
Then she braids it in a loose, big braid, runs her fingers through it, does a lot of hair shaking, swinging and swaying, wraps it around her neck, and plays with it like a true long hair goddess.
It also includes a short but beautiful scene with her sitting at the bench doing some hair play. She looks so elegant in this scene, and it really showcases how she is.

In this video, you will see outdoor long hair play and display, bun and bundrop, running her fingers through her hair, hair stroking, swinging and swaying, double braids, a braid and undoing of the braid, hair parting and much more!

This video is 11 minutes in length.

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