Standard Character Design for Procreate

This is a package of ten quality-made, high resolution (600dpi) template files for digital comic book and concept artists of all skill levels to use with Clip Studio Paint (Pro/EX).

The templates provide a measured work-space to create characters, vehicles, buildings, or anything else that requires a scaled unit of measurement.

The templates use the imperial system of measurement (inches, feet), with the exception of the "Custom" template that allows you to write in your own scale and unit of measurement.

Note: DO NOT PURCHASE THESE TEMPLATES IF YOU DO NOT OWN AN IPAD PRO (12.9 INCH MODEL). These templates are not optimized for any other iPad.

Here's a brief example of how the scales work: For the 1:12 Scale template, 1 inch on the page represents 12 inches (1 foot) in actual size. In this scale, a character that is 6 feet tall in real life will be represented as 6 inches tall on the page.
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