CJA 324 Week 5 Ethics Examples Assignment

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 CJA 324 Week 5 Ethics Examples Assignment

Locate two ethical issue examples in each of the four following categories, for a total of eight examples:




Good Samaritan: Conduct or random acts of kindness


Acts of Vigilantism: Violating the law to enforce the law


Acts of Civil Disobedience: Violating the law to change the law


Criminal Acts Committed by Professionals in the Course of their Employment: In which the defendant was believed to have violated the ethical standards of his or her profession


Assemble the eight examples in a visually appealing manner according to their category. For each example, include the following:




A summary of the event


A graphic illustration, photo, or other visual item related to the event


One APA-formatted reference


Answer the question: Do you think the individual made the best decision possible, given the circumstances?


Answer the question: Could you see yourself acting similarly in the same circumstances? Why or why not?


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