Still Forklift Truck Type RC40-15, RC40-18, RC40-20, RC40-25, RC40-30 (4011-4020) Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Still Diesel and LPG Forklift Truck Type RC40-15, RC40-18, RC40-20, RC40-25, RC40-30. 
Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text
Covered models:
Format: PDF, 410 Pages
Language: English
    00. Product information
        Information on RC40 1.5-3.0 1
        Safety precautions
        How to Consult the Manual
        Operations Preliminary to Maintenance
        To avoid accidents
        General safety Regulations
        Safety Regulations Relative to Operating Materials
    12. Engine
        Engine models 4TNE92 and 4TNE98
        General service information
        Component identification
        Functions of the main engine components
        Diesel fuel specifications
        Priming the fuel supply system
        Main engine specifications
        Engine processing
        Tightening torques for standard bolts and nuts
        Fuel system
        Removal of the fuel injection pump
        Installation of the fuel injection pump
        Checking/adjusting the fuel injection timing
        Maintenance of the fuel injectors
        Fuel injectors inspection and testing
        Standard torques table
        Engine oil level checking procedure
        Checking / replacing the feed pipes and cooling hoses
        Checking and adjusting the V-belt of the cooling fan
        Changing the engine oil and oil filter
        Checking and adjusting the regulator lever and engine speed control
        Checking and adjusting the valve clearance
        Changing the fuel filter
        Troubleshooting information
        Quick reference table for troubleshooting solutions
        Troubleshooting solutions
        Engine models Nissan K21 and K25
        General service information
        Main specifications
        Engine plate
        Standard data and repair limit
        Tightening torque
        Engine troubleshooting
        LPG system troubleshooting
        Onboard inspection and maintenance
        Headed screw tightening
        Retightening the manifold, nut and screw
        Adjusting the intake/exhaust valve clearance
        Inspecting and adjusting the accessory belt
        Changing the oil and oil filter
        Engine casing inspection
        Retightening the cylinder head screws
        Retightening the manifold nuts
        Adjusting the valve clearance
        Changing the engine coolant
        Cleaning the exterior of the radiator
        Checking the cooling hoses and connections
        Checking the compression pressure
        Fuel supply system inspection
        Cleaning and replacing the airfilter
        Inspecting the mixer
        Maintaining the mixer
        Inspecting the FICD (fast idle control device)
        Inspecting and changing the glow plugs
        Inspecting the distributor
        Inspecting the distributor cap and carbon terminals
        Inspecting the rotor head
        Inspecting the central signal rotor
        Inspecting the vacuum control system
        Inspection after refitting the distributor
        Cleaning the interior of the distributor
        Measuring the engine speed (carburettor model only)
        Inspecting and adjusting the ignition timing, idle speed and air-fuel mixture
        Inspecting and adjusting the air-fuel mixture
        Adjusting device
        Adjusting the maximum RMP speed without load
        Adjusting the maximum RMP speed with load
        Inspecting the FICD (fast idle control device)
        Special maintenance tools forthe model with carburettor
    13. Engine accessory parts
        Engine setup replacements
        Mounting the engine 1.5/2.0 1
        Engine reassembly
        Mounting the engine 2.5/3.0 1
        Reinstalling the engine
        Air intake
        Air filter
        Cleaning the air filter
        Cooling system
        Checking the coolant level 1.5/2.Ot
        Coolant level checking procedure
        Checking the coolant level 2.5/3.0 1
        Coolant level checking procedure
        Checking and cleaning the radiatorfins
        Draining, rinsing and filling the cooling system with new coolant
        Fuel tank
    14. Exhaust gas system
        Exhaust gas system
        Silencer and exhaust
    20. Transmission
        Technical data for the TXL30
        General transmission views (TXL30)
        Transmission technical data (TXL30)
        General transmission description (TXL 30)
        Transmission sectional views for the TXL30
        Transmission wiring diagram
        Distributor technical data (TXL30)
        Description of the hydraulic circuit
        Transmission fastening for the TXL30
        Engine-transmission coupling
        Checking the engine-gearbox coupling
        Maintenance for the TXL30
        Transmission oil level inspection procedure
        Check axle oil level
    31. Truck
        Reinstalling the counterweight 1.5/2.0 1
        Counterweight reassembly
        Reinstalling the counterweight 2.5/3.0 1
        Reinstalling the counterweight
    34. Driver's compartment
        Driver's compartment
        Driver's compartment central cross traverse
        Driver's compartment
        Driver's compartment reassembly
        Driver's compartment spring supports
        Driver's compartment covers and panelling
    42. Steering
        Hydraulically assisted steering
        Hydraulically assisted steering technical data
        Hydraulically assisted steering column unit
        Hydraulically assisted steering -troubleshooting and corrective actions
        Steering axle 1.5/2. Ot
        Steering axle
        Reinstalling the steering axle
        Steering axle 2.5/3.0 1
        Reinstalling the steering axle
    46. Wheels and tyres
        General information
        Safety regulations for wheels and rims
        General information for changing tyres
        Tyrewear check
        Changing the wheels 1.5/2.0 1
        Wheel replacement procedure
        Changing the wheels 2.5/3.0 1
        Wheel replacement procedure
        Disassembling a wheel
        Disassembly/assembly of tyres on rims with movable flange
        Quick tyres assembly/disassembly
        Tightening torques 1.5/2. Ot
        Wheel Tightening Check
        Tightening torques 2.5/3.0 1
        Wheel Tightening Check
    49. Braking/inching system
        Braking system operating characteristics
        Braking system technical data
        Braking system reassembly
        Service brake
        Brake pump
        Brake shoes
        Stop lights microswitch
        Parking brake
        Parking brake lever
        Parking brake microswitch
        Parking brake cables
        Brake fluid level check
        Air bleeding from the brake pipes
    50. Controls
        Twin pedal
        Accelerator pedal
        Accelerator cable
    56. Instruments
        Instrument panel
    60. Electrical and electronic system
        Battery carrier
        Checking the battery
        Fuse and relay location
        Fuse replacement
    71. Working hydraulic system
        Service and lifting pump 1.5/2. 0t
        Service and lifting pump technical data
        Service and lifting pump 2.5/3.0 1
        Service and lifting pump technical data
    71. Hydraulic components
        Service and lifting pump
        Service and lifting pump
        Hydraulic oil tank technical data
        Oil tank
        Oil filter unit
        Hydraulic tank oil level check procedure
    76. Valves
        Shut-off valves
        Safety valve (load lowering block) (VBDC)
        Safety valve
        Safety valve
        Safety valve technicaldata
        Safety valve layout 1.5/2.0 1
        Safety valve layout
        Safety valve layout 2.5/3.0 1
        Safety valve positioningon the simplex lift mast
        Safety valve positioningon the duplex lift mast
        Safety valve positioning on the triplex lift mast
        Distributor valves
        Lifting distributor technical data
    80. Lift mast
        Lift mast 1.5/2.0 1
        Lift typologies
        Simplex lift mast (Tele)
        Simplex lift mast functional description
        Hydraulic circuit for supplying the simplex lift mast cylinders
        Adjusting the Simplex lift load chain
        Simplex lifting diagram
        Duplex lift mast (HiLo)
        Duplex lift mast functional description
        Hydraulic circuit for supplying the duplex lift mast cylinders
        Adjusting the load chains of the duplex lift mast
        Duplex lifting diagram
        Triplex lift mast
        Triplex lift mast functional description
        Hydraulic circuit for supplying the triplex lift cylinders
        Adjusting the lift chains on the triplex lift mast
        Triplex lifting diagram
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