May 25-31 Meal Plan & Dollar a Day Training Workouts

A one time download - weekly meal plan & 5 days worth of the dollar a day training program workouts. These items are updated each week & posted on Saturday to allow for time to grocery shop, cook, and plan when workouts fit into your schedule!
Welcome to the Week of Fat Loss 3.0
From my experience, losing fat comes from the three C's: carbs, cardio, and consistency. In this week's plan you will notice manipulations in the carbs (in the meal plan) & cardio (in the workouts). The results will come from being consistent this week! We've got this!

About this week's meal plan: Meals are tasty and easy - no major food prep & very few ingredients. This meal plan is NOT a restrictive calorie diet; it's 5 healthy meals designed to promote a healthy metabolism to allow you to build a fit body and shed some fat! My three favorite meals this week 1) Bacon & Egg Bites 2) Greek Turkey Burger & Fries 3) Bakes Mozzarella Chicken Rolls

About this week's workouts: 5 workouts consisting of weight training (legs, glutes, calves, back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs) & HIIT cardio designed to build a fit body while decreasing body fat. Workouts that are result driven and motivating! This week: a different training split and fun cardio will accelerate the fat loss
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