Linde Double Pallet Stacker Type 133: L12, L12L, L12LHP, L14, L14L Service Training Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Double Pallet Stacker Type 133.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

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Format: PDF, 251 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
    L12LHP-AP, L12LHP-SP double pallet stackers/ L12, L14, L12L, L14Ltype 133 pallet stackers
    Accessing truckinformation
    Can Bus Network
    Multi-function indicator, breakdown code display
    TRACTION fault codes
    LIFT fault codes
    Fault codes -STEERING -Main Controller
    Fault codes -STEERING -Safety Controller
1. Elec.
    Drive motor
    Removing the drive motor
    Traction motor bearing
2. Drive - Transmission
    Drive unit
    Description of the drive unit
    Removal/replacement of the drive unit
    Fitting the drive unit to the chassis
    Reducer gearbox
    Gear reducer
    Reducer unit
    Removal / refitting reducer gearbox
3. Truck structure
    Battery compartment
    Battery removed from the side
    Side access battery locking handle
    Access to the technical compartment
    Technical compartment covers
    Chassis equipment
    Side protection
    Driving platform
    Operator present detection
    Dismantling/reassemblingthe platform
    Platform shock absorber pads
4. Steering, braking and wheels
    Electrical steering
    Electric steering
    "Left hand free" handlebar
    Control tiller, AP
    Dismantling the AP tiller arm
    Replacement of the tiller stops
    Adjustment ofthetillerfoot pull switches, 1S4and 1S4-A
    Steering centre (LORD)
    Steering geared motor
    Removal/replacement of the steering motoreducer
    Wheel position potentiometer (3B3)
    Steering motor (3M1)
    Electric steering adjustment
    Hydraulically assisted electromagnetic parking brake
    Rolling bases
    Powered stabilisers (hydraulic cylinder)
    Height-adjustable fixed stabiliser
    Support rollers
6. Electrical equipment
    L12, L12 L, L12 L HP, L14, L14Ltype 133
    Operation of stackers L12, L14, L12L and L14L AP with pedestrian or ride-on driver mode — height-adjustable platform
    Operation of L12, L14, L12L and L14L SP Ride-on - Fixed platform pallet stackers.
    L12L HP AP/SP double pallet stacker operation
    Electrical panel
    Manipulating the electrical plate
    Fuse access
    Traction (L.A.C. 03)
    Traction and hydraulic controller -LAC 03/ 1A1
    Functions of the "Inputs/ Outputs" of the LAC 03
    Turning on the LAC Controller- 1A1
    Replacing the L.A.C, box (1 A1)
    Setting up the control module (1A1)
    Accelerator (1 S21, 1S22) and potentiometer (1B1) controls
    Hydraulically assisted electromagnetic brake Y1
    Traction motor speed sensor 1B2
    Monitoring traction motor temperature 1 B6
    Battery locking sensor 1S1 9
    Controlling the LAC cooling fan 9M1
    Speed restriction n°1 and n°2 (options)
    Hydraulic controls
    Working hydraulics
    Main lift operation
    Hydraulics functions
    Mast hydraulic pressure
    Controlling mast detectors 2B1 and 2B6
    Initial Lift operation
    High fork end-of-travel 1B4
    Limit stop of load arms in lower position 1B3
    Selecting Initial Lift operating mode
    Hydraulically controlled stabilisers
    Stability module 1A8 (inclinometer)
    Hydraulic stabiliser locking threshold setup
    Electrical steering (L.E.S. 40
    Electric steering controller L.E.S./3A1
    Replacing the L.E.S. box (3A1 )
    Setting steering control module parameters (3A1)
    LES Controller power up
    Speed reduction during turns
    Multifunction indicator (Bauser)
    4-button multifunction indicator (version CAN BUS)
    Programming the multifunction indicator
    Replacing the multifunction indicator
    Using PathFinderto set multifunction indicator parameters
    Replacing the key (S1) with a DIGICODE
7. Hydraulic assembly
    Hydraulic equipment
    Descriptions of the pump units
    Operational logic
    L12 -L14: assembly and torque settings for pump unit components
    L12L-L14L: assembly and torque settings for pump unit components
    L12LHP: Installation and tightening torques of pump unit elements
    Replacing the motor pump brushes
    Working on the pump unit
    Removing the pump unit
    Stabiliser hydraulic circuit
    Hydraulic stabiliser operation
    Stabiliser selection block installation
    Installation of left-hand stabiliser connection block
    Drainingthe stabiliser system
    Bleeding the stabiliser hydraulic system
8. Lifting system
    Main Lift
    Mast assemblies
    Initial lift
    Initial lift guidance

    Wiring diagrams
    L12/14-SP controls
    L12/14L-SP controls
    L1 2/14 -AP controls
    L12/14L-AP controls
    L12L HP -AP controls
    L12L HP -SP controls
    Hydraulic diagrams
    Without Initial Lift
    With Initial Lift
    Hydraulically controlled stabilisers
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