[SOLVED] Database SQL Queries of Ordering Management System.PDF

[SOLVED] Database SQL Queries of Ordering Management System

Use this file as your template and place your SQL code {not the results} beneath each question.

Use the following tables to answer the questions:
CUSTOMERS(cid, cname, city, discnt)
AGENTS(aid, aname, city, commission)
PRODUCTS(pid, pname, city, quantity, price)
ORDERS(ordno, ordmonth, cid, aid, pid, qty, dollars)

Construct queries to answer the following:

  1. List the name [cname] of all customers

  2. List the order number [ordno] of all orders

  3. List all information about the products

  4. List the customer ids [cid] of all customers who placed an order. Do not list duplicates.

  5. List the customer names [cname] for customers in the city of Dallas.

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