Forgotten - for Xils Lab PolyM

Forgotten - for Xils Lab PolyM

In the style of my factory presets for the Xils PolyM Polymoog emulation this is a pack of 25 sounds - mainly dark, dusty, glitchy, wonky pads in a BOC, Plaid, Ulrich Schnauss sort of vibe. A couple of 80s inspired sounds may have sneaked in because, when you lived through it, it's impossible to shake off the sounds of that era entirely :)

Basically if you liked my factory presets then you should enjoy these.

Please read the install instructions after unzipping the download.

I've done my best to get the patch volumes even but the nature of a paraphonic synth means levels can get a little high with many notes played on long release settings. Just pull down your channel level or the 'Gen' level in the mixer if this happens.

All the best, thanks for supporting my small one-man company.
I hope you enjoy the sounds, if you make any music or demos using them please send me a link!

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