Para 1: Develop a good introduction to the essay

Capture the audience's attention by stating your opinion or your experience about the topic or about the questions Samuelson raises.
State the central idea of Samuelson's essay.
Write a thesis statement which introduces the content of paragraphs 2 and 3 of the essay.
The whole introduction is about 50-75 words
Para 2: Develop a good summary about Samuelson's essay
Your summary should state the most important ideas of Samuelson's essay simply and accurately in your own words.
It can contain some very brief, significant quotations from the essay. You must use accurate signal phrases and quotation marks to integrate quotations.
It should not contain your own opinions or judgement about the essay.
The summary paragraph should be about 100 words
3. Para 3: Develop an insightful critical analysis of Samuelson's essay

For this paragraph of the essay, you should draw on the ideas from the peer discussion.
Your analysis should answer the following question:
Do you agree or disagree that liberal arts (humanities courses) should be taught to community college students?
You must clearly state whether you agree or disagree with Samuelson, and you must explain your reasons for your opinion.
Feel free to include Samuelson's examples and your own personal experience as evidence.
Your analysis paragraph should be about 100 words.
4. Para 4: Develop a good conclusion

The conclusion should recapture the central idea without repeating it exactly.
It can offer a recommendation or suggest the significance of the topic.
The conclusion should not include any new ideas that have not already been included in the summary and/or analysis paragraphs.

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