SZK COLLECTION∿2 | A collection of our recent devices

The second pack of our M4L devices collection :

# Some of these devices use the retune~ object included with Max 7. You’ll need this version of Max to run the package devices’s properly.

Included :

Monoglitch is a friendly Midi Instrument to introduce noises and grooves into your productions. Draw glitches (from 2 to 1024 samples) and play them alone or oscillator-like. Shape some cool sounds with Octave, Tape Delay and Reverb effects. Use LFOs to create cuts, larsens and modulations through the main signal.

GINGERBREADSYNTH is an auto-evolutive fractal synth based on the Gingerbreadman algorithm. Patterns can be generated and repeated at different scales allowing you to produce a wide range of musical sequences. The synth includes 3 oscillators, 1 ADSR and a Effect Chain (Bitcrusher, Reverb and Filter). A Note Scaler allows you to easy create melodies to fit your project. Grips with Envelopes make the synth semi-modular and introduce the possibility to play with retro-feedback on the synth parameters, or to modulate effects and devices on other tracks. A Midi Send feature is included to send midi notes to other midi Instruments. Gingerbreadsynth is ultra cool !

∿ ANDRÉ 2057
# retune~ object / Max 7 needed
André 2057 is an experimental Delay-Tape-Shifter effect inspired of the modular synthesis. It uses the incoming signal mixed with oscillators and pitch tracking to auto-modulate its different effects. Feed the pigbot with audio input and create cool textures and drones !
### As André 2057 has been designed as an experimental audio effect, it has no easy audio description. To have a better idea about how it works, please look at the audio scheme pdf file that proposes a graphical resume of the audio routing.

# retune~ object / Max 7 needed
Triple Fuzz Effect : classic disto/fuzz, octa-fuzz and fuzz synth. Use them independently or mix them together. DISFUZ one allows you to design sounds from soft distorsions to noiy clipped fuzzes. OCTAHARD acts as a kind of hard octaver and its signal can be send to the ZYNTH. This one tracks the pitch from audio input and use it to feed 3 oscillators with independent octaves options. When sending OCTAHARD to ZYNTH, its signal mixes with Audio In to produce perturbation and feedbacks leading to harsh noise or cool funky sounds. Low, Hi and Bandpass filters and Signal Windows are included on the different modules to display signals and help you shape some really cool waveforms.

Grip Nodes allows you to grip 4x/8x Ableton Live's parameters and to remote them in a XY area. A sequencer is available to let you write your own XY sequence and play it like a loop. Two versions are included : 4 nodes and 8 nodes. This device has been made to manage quadriphonic audio routing through Live Sends but its use can be extended to any other modulable parameter.

Documentation is available within the devices.

Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 7+

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