XBCOM 275 Week 1 CheckPoint - Communication Process Model

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Complete Exercise 1.1 from Ch. 1 of Communicating in the Workplace.
Choose one misunderstanding you experienced and fill out the chart.
Respond to questions 1 and 2, located under the chart, for each example of a misunderstanding. In your response, include the following:

• Cite a meaningful misunderstanding rather than a general or less material misunderstanding.
• Use a business- or work-related example rather than a personal misunderstanding.
• Identify the roles of the sender and receiver, such as manager, peer, subordinate, client, and vendor.

Communicating in the Workplace
1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity?
I learned from this process follow the steps of communication to ensure the communication is completely understood by all parties to ensure the task is completed in the correct manner.
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