POL 443 Week 4 Individual Assignment Factionalism Evaluation and Presentation Paper

Factionalism has often been described as a party that is within another party or group. Other definitions provide a definition of “a group of people that have formed a cohesive union within a larger group.” (US History Encyclopedia, 2006) This type of group has been established in pursuit of a common goal within a type of party of government. This paper will seek to discuss a pressing current issue in our country. The issue is one of the environmentalists versus the lumber industry and the approach to access of old growth forests. The basis of the issue and one that is a hot topic debate, is finding a true balance between “governmental jurisdiction rights, long term sustainable use of global natural resources and property rights.” (Harris, 2009) A consensus exists among the groups that the unlikely partnership between the US Forest Service and the lumber industry is somehow not beneficial to the public at large, and thus encourages Congress to enact laws with extreme policies. To overcome that perception, forest management agencies and others must consider corporate and social responsibility and the full protection of our environment along with those of external stakeholders
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