Metallica - Master Of Puppets (FAS)

Master Of Puppets Preset Pack
8 Tone Matched Presets for 
the AXE FX II and AX8

  • Band - Metallica

  • Song - Master Of Puppets

  • Album - Master Of Puppets

  • Setup - Direct Recording / Straight to PA / FRFR

  • Firmware - Quantum 9.04

  • Units - AXE FX II / AXE FX II XL / AX8

We know that your time is valuable.
We know all too well the frustration of lost time trying to program presets, create tone matched cabinet IRs and configure setups for complex modern guitar processors like the AXE FX II. That is why we spend the time making these Preset packs for you. So you can SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

Why we use Cabinet IRs and not the Tone-Match Block:
Our tone-matched Preset Packs use custom Cabinet IRs NOT the internal "Tone Match" block of the AXE FX II. This allows us to achieve much closer sounding STEREO presets, that also work with the Fractal Audio AX8.

What You Get:


  • Bass

  • Clean

  • Crunch

  • Solo Fill

  • Solo Hamrony

  • Solo Het

  • Solo Kirk

  • Rhythm


  • Bass

  • Clean L

  • Clean R

  • Crunch L

  • Crunch R

  • Rhythm L

  • Rhythm R

  • Solo Fill L

  • Solo Fill R

  • Solo Het L

  • Solo Het R

  • Solo Harm L

  • Solo Harm R

  • Solo Kirk L

  • Solo Kirk R

Disclaimer: Please first know HOW to use your hardware / software BEFORE purchasing our products. They are made to work in any standard AXE FX II and AX8 setup without the need for additional external processing. No refunds are given on digital products.
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