20/20 Diet Recipes By Dr. Phil

20/20 Diet Recipes: Recipes to help you Lose weight Were Other Diets Fail. The 20/20 Diet is a phenomenal program created by Dr. Phil McGraw to turn your weight loss vision into reality. This diet consist of 20 key foods to help you succeed where other Diets fail. It is broken down into three stages. The first two are both five days and then the last phase is 20 days. During the first 5 days there are only certain foods you are allowed to eat. You eat every four hours which results in about four meals a day. Then in phase two you get to add some more foods to your diet. Then by the last 20 days you again get to add in more food. Jessy Smith has cooked up these great recipes with lots of varieties to choose from to help you with every phase in the diet, so you're not struggling with what to eat and when. After a brief introduction to the 20/20 Diet, Jessy Smith gets straight into the recipes for the phases in the order that you go through them. This Book contains 57 easy-to-cook healthy recipes, including The 20 Key Foods you can’t go wrong. Enjoy this Delicious meals while you lose weight.
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